Surgical management of pleomorphic adenoma of the palate.


Bataineh AB. al-Dwairi ZN.



Journal of the Irish Dental Association. 48(4):126-31, 2002.
UI: 12622016






OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this article is to present an intraoral technique, which allows a wide local excision of pleomorphic adenoma of the palate with adequate mucosal and periosteal margins.

STUDY DESIGN: Between September 1992 and May 1994 ten patients with pleomorphic adenoma of the palate were treated by one surgeon at the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Unit of the Jordan University of Science and Technology. A surgical technique, which was particularly useful for tumours extending into the soft palate, is described.

RESULTS: Nine patients were aged between 15 and 25 years (mean age 20.1 years) and one patient was aged 50 years. Six of the patients were males. The tumour was removed from all ten patients by wide local excision with adequate margins, and after a follow-up period from 5 to 7 years (mean 6.3 years) there were no recurrences.

CONCLUSION: This study has shown that wide local excision used for the treatment of pleomorphic adenoma of the palate is to be recommended. A close follow-up is necessary postoperatively.


Faculty of Dentistry, Jordan University of Science & Technology, Irbid-Jordan.