Identification of Nutritional Problems in Patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) who are Treated with Hemodialysis.


Rema Tayyem

Majd Mrayyan




Malnutrition is common in chronic Hemodialysis patients and is associated with poorer quality of life when the degree of malnutrition becomes severe (Laws et al., 2000). Therefore, the quality of life is strongly associated with  the patient nutritional status even after controlling for co morbidities and dose of dialysis in Hemodialysis patients, providing an additional reason for maximizing patients' nutritional status and health (Tai et al., 1998; Walters et al., 2002)

Although, many researches were accomplished outside Jordan to identify the nutritional problems that may result from Hemodialysis and their causes, the diversity of dietary habit, medical condition, patients' compliance, life style, and culture from one country to another necessitates the conduction of a national study in order to obtain a cultured nutritional and medical management. In addition, the quality of health care offered for Hemodialysis patients in private hospital may differ from those provided in governmental one which may affect the development of certain nutritional problems.

Therefore, the present study is designed to identify the nutritional problems that affect the Hemodialysis patients in private and governmental hospitals with the purpose of recommending appropriate solutions and finding out how these problems could be managed in further researches.




     * Faculty: Allied Health Sciences/ Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.

         Specific Specialization: Clinical Nutrition .