Professional and Career Satisfaction of Physical Therapy Graduates from the Hashemite University


Fuad A. Abdulla





 Realizing that as any profession matures, the character of that profession is often altered by extended practice, education and increased public awareness, it became necessary that our academic program should be reviewed and reconstructed as required to meet the needs dictated by the evolving situations external to the institution such as the health needs of the Kingdom of Jordan and the needs of the graduates in practice. The goals of the present project are:

- Creating a career profile of all the physical therapy graduates from the Hashemite University.

- Taking feedback from the graduate regarding the Physical therapy curriculum.

- Initiating a formal assessment of the program and plan (this is a requirement of the Physical Therapy World Federation for formal recognition of the program).

- Working toward creating the bases for a common curriculum to the three physical therapy programs in Jordan (the Hashemite University, University of Jordan and Jordan University of Science and Technology).

The data is being collected using a questionnaire designed specifically for this purpose.





       * Faculty: Allied Health Sciences/ Physical Therapy.

         Specific Specialization :Nuro Science .