Case report: Oral pemphigus vulgaris with multiple oral polyps in a young patient

Samar Z. Burgan,  Faleh A. Sawair,  Seamus S. Napier


International Dental Journal,vol 53: 37-40, 2003.



A rare case of oral pemphigus vulgaris is presented, which developed initially in a 9-year old Jordanian male. The disease was not well controlled with immunosuppressive therapy and was complicated by the development of multiple oral polyps approximately one year after the onset of symptoms.  These lesions were smooth, painless and located particularly on the upper labial gingiva, the labial and buccal mucosae and the tongue.  Disease activity continued for approximately nine years until the patient was referred to an Oral Medicine Specialist.  Histological examination of the polyps revealed exuberant granulation tissue.  Adjustment of the steroid dosage lead to resolution of the oral symptoms and the polyps reduced in number and in size.  This case highlights the occurrence of pemphigus vulgaris in young patients, illustrates a rare complication of persistent ulcero-inflammatory disease and emphasises the importance of specialist referral in the management of oral disease.