Jordanian Nurses' Job Satisfaction and Retention: a Comparative Study Between

Educational and Non-Educational Hospitals

Majd Mrayyan




 Nursesí job satisfaction and retention are universal multifaceted phenomena. Interventions are needed to be structured to promote positive work environments that would enhance nursesí job satisfaction and retention. This study aimed to identify variables of Jordanian nurses' job satisfaction and retention in educational and non-educational hospitals .A descriptive cross-sectional comparative design was used in this study. A convenience sample of 433 nurses was obtained from 3 educational and 2 non-educational hospitals. Nurses reported that they were moderately satisfied in their jobs and they were neutral in their intent to stay. Nurses who work in non-educational hospitals had higher levels of job satisfaction and retention than nurses who work in educational hospitals .Nursesí job satisfaction and retention are closely related concepts. There is a need to focus on managerial interventions to promote nursesí job satisfaction and retention. Further researches are required to explore in depth the studied phenomena with a larger randomized sample. Differences between both types of hospitals are related to differences in practice environments. The sample was a convenience one with limited settings. The study was conducted in the Capital and another large district. Also, the instrument of retention has a few numbers of variables. 

Nurse job satisfaction and retention are related concepts. The results of this study have implication for practice and research.

Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Retention





      * Faculty : Nursing .

Specific Specialization: Hospital Management.