Prevalence of genital chlamydial infection in symptomatic and

asymptomatic Jordanian patients

Awwad ZM, Al-Amarat AA, Shehabi AA


Int J Infect Dis. 2003 Sep;7(3):206-9

Department of Special Surgery-Urology, Jordon University Hospital, Amman, Jordon.

To detect Chlamydia trachomatis infection among 230 patients, 130 with signs or symptoms associated with urethritis, and 100 asymptomatic patients, attending the Jordan University Hospital urology clinic. METHODS: Routine urine examination and the leukocyte esterase test were done for each patient. C. trachomatis infection was detected using first-void urine specimens and a cryptic plasmid-based PCR technique specific for C. trachomatis. RESULTS: The prevalence of chlamydial infection was 4.6% among symptomatic patients with urethritis. The difference in prevalence was statistically insignificant (P > 0.05) between males and females, as well as in relation to their marital status. Two-thirds of the Chlamydia-positive patients also had urine positive for leukocyte esterase. CONCLUSION: The low prevalence of chlamydial infection in association with urethritis among Jordanian patients might be due to the conservative behavior of the Jordanian society towards free sexuality.

PMID: 14563224 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]