Evaluation of dizziness at Jordan University Hospital.



Abdul-Baqi KJ. Mohammed FI. Shubair KS. Sarhan YS. Tawalbeh MI.




Saudi Medical Journal. 25(5):625-31, 2004 May.




OBJECTIVE: This study was performed prospectively to evaluate the dizzy patients in the Neurotology Outpatient clinic at Jordan University Hospital, Amman, Jordan during the period 1993-2000 and to discuss the prevalence and etiology of dizziness.

METHODS: Data were collected from 108 patients (52 males and 56 females) with a mean age of 45.6-years. Diagnosis was made on the basis of history, physical, otolaryngological and neurological examination and confirmed by relevant investigation including laboratory, radiological and audio vestibular tests.

RESULTS: Secure diagnosis were made in 98% of patients (14% had one cause alone and 84% had multiple causes). Cardiovascular disorders accounted for 31.5% of primary and 49% of secondary causes, peripheral vestibular disorders, 25% of primary and 3% of secondary causes, central vestibular disorders 17% of primary and 9% of secondary causes, metabolic endocrine 13% of primary and 38% of secondary causes, cervical osteoarthritis 5.5% of primary and 28% of secondary causes and psychogenic 4.6% of primary and 6.5% of secondary causes.

CONCLUSION: Our findings demonstrate that vertigo is the most common subtype of dizziness (50%). Multiple causes are more prevalent in older age and the single cause is more prevalent in younger age. Cardiovascular was the most common cause of dizziness followed by vestibular disorders, metabolic and cervical osteoarthritis. Vestibular disorders are primary causes and non vestibular are predominantly secondary causes of dizziness. Hyperlipidemia, diabetes and cervical causes are major secondary contributors to dizziness. We recommend a multi disciplinary setting and application of a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment approach without unnecessary protracted investigative scheme and installment of rehabilitation facilities.


ENT Department, Faculty of Medicine, Jordan University Hospital, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan. kabaqi@msn.com