Cystatin C and Microalbuminuria levels Versus Haptoglobin Polymorphism in Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients


Sameer Awadalla

Sleeman Saleh

Ali Mesheel






It has been demonstrated that microalbuminuria and Cystatin C are elevated in diabetic nephropathy. In addition, it has been suggested that the occurrence of diabetic nephropathy is haptoglobin-phenotype dependent. Therefore it would be possible that the levels of Cystatin C and microalbuminuria are also haptoglobin-phenotype dependent. It is the purpose of this study to investigate the role of Hp polymorphism in the development of diabetic nephropathy by correlating the levels of Cystatin C and microalbuminuria with Hp phenotypes in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.



         * Faculty: Allied Health Sciences/ Medical Laboratory Sciences.

         Specific Specialization: Clinical Biochemistry.