Evaluation of Diabetic Diets in Jordanian Hospitals

Huda AL Horani





ِِAnalysis and evaluation of the procedures used in menu planning of diabetic diet is a necessitate  responsibility to be done in Jordanian hospitals. Conducting this study, will evaluate the following aspects of diabetes:

1.      The percentage of diabetic diet menus in Jordanian   Hospitals.

2.      The overall nutritional adequacy

3.      The percentage of carbohydrate, protein, and fat in the diet.

4.      The nutrients distribution through out the day.

5.      The characteristics of diabetic diet in Jordanian Hospitals


This work is not an extension of any previous work. What makes this work unique is that for the first time we are trying to study the details of diabetic diet in Jordanian Hospitals. No previous similar work was done .






       * Faculty: Allied Health Sciences/ Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.

         Specific Specialization: Clinical Nutrition .